We are constantly tracking the latest developments within the TIC industry and updating our processes accordingly. We take great pride in being responsive and nimble while taking utmost care to ensure compliance with ethical rules and standards of good governance. We inspire trust and confidence on two fronts: our clients can count on us to safeguard their businesses; the public can count on us to ensure that stringent quality and safety standards are in place.

Martyn Chew,Founder and CEO

Statement of Impartiality

GICG understands the importance of impartiality and potential conflicts of interests in carrying out its management systems certification activities.
We have a compliance program to ensure that our impartiality is not jeopardised by any commercial, financial, or private interests nor by any other pressure. Details of our program can be found at

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Why the change of logo from GIC to GICG
The logo redesign signals a new company direction.A refreshed logo:...

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