Customised Audit

When peace of mind matters

From audit, verification, training, inspection, testing, certification, technical solutions and advisory services to retail network checks, franchise quality assurance and mystery shopping, our global reach and domain experts will help you to independently audit your processes and systems against your specifications, requirements, and standards.

Audits are performed for the following objectives

Mitigate risks and address compliance issues in quality, safety, environment, sustainability, security, bribery, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility

Protect brand and reputation

Improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen stakeholders’ trust and confidence

Enhance performance excellence, improve efficiency and productivity, reduce cost and reap economic benefits

Regardless of the size of your organization, we can develop and customize solutions to your needs. We can develop an audit program to meet your pre-requisite requirements, or combine international standards/requirements to align with your organization’s specific requirements and objectives across a range of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Quality

  • Environmental

  • Health and safety

  • Social responsibility

  • Food safety

  • Business continuity

  • Anti-bribery

  • Supply chain security

  • Sustainability

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