Why the change of logo from GIC to GICG

The logo redesign signals a new company direction.
A refreshed logo: an important part of our rebranding strategy to signal a new company direction.

The old logo was perfectly emblematic of what GIC stood for in 1993. GIC has since evolved drastically over time from our beginnings as a certification provider to a one-stop solutions provider – a global conformity assessment body that provides a comprehensive range of solutions in testing, inspection, and certification.

As this change is brought about by growth and development, it is worth celebrating with a new logo: GICG. As GIC has a cherished brand history and principles that the brand was founded on, we want to still honour our heritage when it comes to redesigning the new logo – hence we decided to keep the recognisable iconic G and circular shape.

The newest version of the logo (GICG) is modern while maintaining a nostalgic connection to the brand’s origins. The rebrand puts greater focus on the group’s brand vision of becoming the world’s most preferred Testing, Inspection, and Certification company. By highlighting the ‘G’ in our new logo design, we want to reflect ‘’Togetherness’’ with our group of GIC companies.

Why the change of logo from GIC to GICG
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