About Us

Incorporated in Singapore in 2002, GIC Group Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries, collectively and individually referred to as “GICG”, provide internationally-recognised testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services.

Today, our global presence spans five continents and we operate with competence, commitment and passion to deliver confidence and excellence for clients, customers and communities.

Our clients are organisations that seek to comply with relevant national and/or international regulatory standards as well as customer-defined standards and requirements. Often, these are manifest across different regions or markets and are crucial to help them gain business access and grow their customer base.

We recognise that TIC services are essential to our clients to safeguard their current business interests and to expand their businesses in the future. We deliver peace of mind to our clients through our reliable, dependable, responsive and meticulous service.

Fulfilling clients’ unique objectives and goals is what drives GICG forward. As a leading conformity assessment body, we provide solutions to clients to navigate a diverse, uncertain, complex and ever-evolving international landscape with the peace of mind. We combine an interconnected synergy of data, people, and specialized business solutions to help clients and organizations mitigate risk and stay ahead.

Brand Story

With more than 2 decades of experience and counting, GICG has grown exponentially from our beginnings as a certification provider to one-stop solutions provider – a global conformity assessment body providing a comprehensive range of solutions in testing, inspection and certification. Our areas of expertise include quality, environment, occupational health and safety, food safety, information security, social accountability, sustainability and more.

We hold fast to our history and principles while remaining poised and dynamic for the 21st century. Enabling Trust In A Changing World is a reflection of how GICG provides assurance for businesses to take the next step in ever-evolving markets.

What We Do

We exist to help ambitious companies to move faster, sustainably. We provide quality assurance to our clients to protect brands, reduce risks and quicken time-to-market, as well as overcome trade barriers to access to overseas markets.

We offer compliance services at the exact time and cost needed for a world-class quality service.

Our core services can be divided into 4 categories: Testing, Inspection, Certification and Training.



We know that your products mean the world to you and likewise, so should they to your customers. Our global
network of testing facilities and experienced technical personnel use reliable and accredited testing to ensure safety, quality and performance against regulations, standards and clients’ requirements.



We understand having assurances in place is important.
Backed by our certification of products, systems, processes and services complying with national and international standards and all relevant regulatory requirements, your stakeholders including customers enjoy a high level of confidence.



We go the distance because your peace of mind is paramount.
Through the entire product supply chain process, our rigorous inspection helps reduce risk and uphold qualitative and quantitative standards to meet relevant
regulatory requirements in different markets, thereby bestowing valued peace of mind to your customers.



We help mould future professionals today. Our certified courses by CQI-IRCA (Chartered Quality Institute and International Register of Certificated Auditors) help train, develop, assess and certify competence necessary for a professional career in auditing or a position in management systems related jobs.


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Established in the United Kingdom

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Provides accredited certification services in UK, Europe and USA

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Moved operational head office to Singapore to develop and serve the Asia Pacific market

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Established offices in Japan and Mexico.

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Established offices in South Korea.

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Established GIC Beijing office in China under the approval of CNCA.

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Established offices in Greece and Turkey

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Accredited by JAS-ANZ to meet the growing demand of management system certification schemes in Asia Pacific.

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Established offices in European countries such as Italy, Spain, and made its presence in Middle East, North African and Latin American countries.

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Accredited by SAC in Singapore.

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Set up accredited testing laboratory in Singapore. Expanding further, we begin our Inspection services.

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Set up testing laboratories in Malaysia. Set up offices in Thailand and Vietnam for testing services.

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One of the few laboratories in South East Asia to provide full capacity for medical mask testing.

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To be the world’s most preferred testing, inspection and certification company.

Our Mission

To enable clients to protect brands and mitigate risk through our reliable, dependable, responsive and quality assurance service.

Our Values

Integrity – We are committed to maintain the highest standard of professional behavior in challenging situations.

Collaborative – We treat clients’ businesses as if it was our own

Reliability – We epitomise dependability by delivering trust and quality assurance

Sustainability – We embrace sustainability for profitability while improving societal and environmental conditions.


  • Comprehensive Suite Of TIC Solutions
  • 28+ years of experience and expertise
  • 40 global locations across 5 continents with more than 20,000 client base

Our Global Network

We operate within a global network and have a strong Asian footprint. We maintain state-of-the-art technical facilities in strategic locations across the world. Our strong network gives us a stellar advantage to understand the needs and cultural footprints of this diverse region. We work with

  • Businesses looking to build their Asian network
  • Businesses which use Asia as a gateway to access North American and European markets
Group of people. Human Resources. Global network. Diversity.

Because we’re proficient and always evolving

We are well versed in international businesses and work well in an environment that is increasingly diverse, uncertain, complex, and constantly changing. Our team are multi-disciplinary experts with the technical knowledge and competency to meet individual clients’ needs. We are internationally accredited and have our fingers on the pulse of changes in the world so organisations in various industries can leverage accordingly.

Because we’re partners from today going forward.

We walk in the same shoes as our clients since we are a growing business ourselves.
That’s why we have the personal drive to see our clients succeed. We understand our clients’ need for being resourceful and exercising prudence in the use of resources.
Serving our customers efficiently and contributing to their business growth is our biggest joy.
Our team is proud that their work makes a positive impact on the daily lives of many people and creates value for clients, consumers and communities

Because we’re fast and yet exceptional

We understand speed is of the essence in business, which is why we pride ourselves on being fast and responsive without sacrificing the quality of our work.
Our global interconnectedness enables us to be nimble and agile to help you achieve operational excellence quickly Above all, we look to be commercially competitive and cost-efficient, compared to below all other sources

Because we deliver professionally and economically

We understand our clients aim for the most efficient input versus output while contracting TIC services since they strive to towards efficiency in resource management. We are obsessed with operational efficiency – we run a lean, bureaucracy-free organisation. We deploy mindfully and efficiently the time and people needed to deliver an internationally-recognised, high-quality job.