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GICG provides various audit programs to organizations regardless of their size.

These audit programs consist of second party audits and customized audit solutions based on clients’ needs and requirements. Staying updated on ever-changing market conditions and regulatory requirements can be costly and time consuming, it is more cost-effective to engage GICG than develop an in-house technical and internal auditor team.

Our audit programmes are cost-effective tools for our clients to assess compliance and performance of their own organization and their suppliers, while freeing up their time and energy to better manage their operations and focus on their customers.

Types ofAudit

Second Party Audit

Second party audit helps our clients and their suppliers mitigate risks, achieve high standards in quality and safety, meet regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.

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Customized Audit

Our global reach and domain experts will help you to independently audit your processes and systems against your specifications, requirements and standards

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Why engage GICG

Audit enables companies to:


With our global network, local knowledge, competent auditors and technical experts, GICG is able to provide high level performance solutions to our clients. From setting performance criteria, reporting qualitative and quantitative data to developing technical and operational solutions, our approach to the audit process ensures our clients’ needs are met and their audit objectives are achieved.


Analyze clients’ needs

We will start with listening to our clients’ needs and pain points, understanding their operational concerns and assessing the performance gaps. We will then propose a comprehensive solution that defines the objectives, scope of work and time frame. 


Develop audit program and plan

We will develop an audit program, audit plan and checklists that are tailored to fulfil the client’s needs and specifications prior to performing the actual audit.


Perform audit on site

Our auditor will conduct audits against predefined requirements. If the organization requires the audit to cover multiple sites, our auditing teams can produce one integrated report that covers all sites to the client’s headquarters.


Prepare and submit audit reports

Our auditors identify and report major and minor non-compliances, and areas for improvement. Our fast turnaround time will allow you to make informed decisions concerning your supplier’s performance. We can perform the audit in a local language and English or Chinese.



Follow-up, corrective and preventive action

The second party auditors can also provide recommendations on the corrective actions to be taken to address non-compliances so as to prevent recurrence. At the same time, they can propose preventive actions to avoid occurrence and potential risks.



Our auditor will ensure root causes of the non-compliance are identified. They will perform verification to ensure timely corrective actions are taken effectively before the closure of the non-compliance findings.

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