Sustainable Supply Chain Management


The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered vulnerabilities of our supply chain operations. It has also shown how unsustainable it is to continue with current mode of supply chain operations and processes.

Global supply chain managers are re-evaluating their operations to build a sustainable and resilience supply chain management.

Sustainable Supply Chain management involves knowing the level of environmental, social, and economic impact that your vendors and customers are contributing. Their impacts in turn, is reflected back to your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Environmental deterioration, climate change issues, global trade and tariffs, government rules and regulations are becoming key industry challenges in driving toward sustainable supply chain management.

Our VA Services support your company with verification audits to assess and verify sustainable practices of your supply chain.


  • minimises risks and vulnerability of your supply chain
  • builds brand loyalty and reputation for strong social and environmental responsibility
  • lowers operational costs with returns of investment in supply chain sustainability and transparency.

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