Second-Party Audit

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Second-party Audit is also referred to as supplier audit or factory audit. Organizations must develop a robust supplier management and control system to build a strong supplier base.

Globalization, geopolitics, shift in supply chain, short product life cycle and fast changing market conditions present critical supply chain management challenges to organizations.

Second-party audit helps our clients and their suppliers mitigate risks, achieve high standards in quality and safety, meet regulatory requirements and contractual obligations. Non-compliant suppliers can have a catastrophic effect on an organization’s profitability, brand, reputation and stakeholder confidence.

Our supplier audit program and data platform enable our clients to gain visibility to their suppliers’ performance around the world. This in turn allows for increased confidence in the suppliers’ work. We offer domain expertise to address supply chain challenges.

We have a global network of auditors that are fluent in the native language of the desired geographical location who have on-ground understanding of the local market in terms of culture and legal requirements. This allows us to support clients across the entire supply chain to reduce their risks, protect their brand, reduce defects, build consumer trust and quicken time to market.

Why Conduct A Second-Party Audit

Organizations perform second party audits when they are:

GICG solutions to overcome supply chain challenges

As a world leader in audit and verification, we offer you second-party audits and customized solutions to mitigate your risks and liabilities. We have the domain knowledge and the technical expertise to provide you with the most efficient and affordable tools to ensure your suppliers perform according to specifications, regulations and your requirements, thus helping you bring your products to the market quicker and gain customer confidence.

Using our audit program, our clients are able to:

  • Mitigate risks and overcome supply chain challenges such as quality, environmental, social, and health and safety issues
  • Improve lead time and avoid delay in production
  • Enable production at the desired level
  • Identify suppliers without proper certification
  • Detect presence of child labour, forced labour, and poor working conditions
  • Enhance supply chain security
  • Minimize health and safety hazards in facilities
  • Ensure accountability, legal and regulatory non-compliance
  • Reduce customer complaints or warranty claims
  • Avoid product recalls, due to quality or safety issues
  • Avoid hefty fines and litigation related to quality, environment, health and safety issues
  • Build up competence through our supplier training programmes

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